The idea of Foosball Australia Inc initially came about on the 23rd February 2011 by originating founders David Morgan, Danny Gruden and Roland Gabatel.

The concept started with humble beginnings in a container which was converted and modified  to suit “our 1st club house”
The three of them began playing on a small Foosball Table meant for children, which got an absolute flogging and eventually they virtually destroyed this table. So David Morgan went about building one which would be stronger – and it was - as it was built from solid timber. This table still survives today and is part of our “History Museum":
Foosball Australia Inc was officially registered 8th of December 2011 with Roland Gabatel as President, David Morgan as Secretary and Danny Gruden as Treasurer, and is a not for profit organisation formed to develop and promote the sport of table soccer in Australia.

The work plan for Australia is significant and since forming they have established 4 state bodies, multiple clubs, State and national structures as well as hosting the first ever world series event and national tournament in Australia.

They sent Australia’s first ever team to the World Cup in France in January 2013.

The basic objectives of Foosball Australia Inc are:

  • A not for profit organisation, to promote and develop the sport of table soccer in Australia;
  • To provide representation to further the development of table soccer internationally.