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2020 National Rankings

Rank Name State
1 Loren Burchett VIC
2 Andrew Li VIC
3 Brayden Murrell VIC
4 Alex Warby VIC
5 Byron Li VIC
6 Wade Stewart VIC
7 Jacob Lorimer VIC
8 Thomas Titford VIC
9 Alexander Grigsbey VIC
10 George Dimopoulos VIC
11 Jorge Bloch VIC
12 Kenny Burchett VIC
13 Nathaniel Clouston VIC
14 Joshua Lorimer VIC
15 Brittany Griffin VIC
16 Farid Amin VIC
17 Jamie Fisher VIC
18 Jessie Chen VIC
19 Kay Chua VIC
20 Michael Bolwell VIC
21 Peter Lam VIC
22 Antony Gerrish VIC
23 Jaykab Redfern VIC
24 Jorge Ong VIC

Current as at 11th March 2020.... and then Covid hit!


Previous Year's Results

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