The Guide to Foosball Fundamentals

Before you embark on the life-long quest to master the gamut of foosball techniques, it is vital to give yourself as much help in your endeavours as you can:

Applying silicon lubricant such as WD40 allows your table's rods to move freely and helps you recreate the conditions of your home table when playing on others.

An overwrap can be used to make your table's handles easier and more comfortable to grip.

Turning the rods:

1) Using your wrist. Players new to the game will instinctively grasp the handle and use their wrist to move the rod, moving their wrist quickly downwards to rotate the rod.

2) The 'palm roll.' This technique is easily learnt and can give a lot of power to your shots. Place the palm of your open hand against the rod; move your palm upwards to move the rod.

Here's a tremendously exciting video by way of illustration.